Thursday, March 20, 2008

Picking Up From Yesterday

I want to pick up from yesterday with this challenge. I have talked to people about this idea before and usually get jokes about being Mormon or Jehovah's Wittiness. Now I know VERY little about either of their theology, so I can only assume I do not conform to the majority of their teachings. However my parents taught me to "chew up the meat, and spit out the bones." So I do intend to rip a practice out of their play books and challenge us to investigate it's benefit on the lives of our youth.

In addition to participation with, we must also fiscally invest in providing the means to devote a first fruits of their adulthood to the Kingdom of God. A summer, a year, any amount of time set aside for forging a lifetime of commitment to God's work should be our dream for these youth that we work into reality by our sacrificial investment into allowing them to respond to God's calling.

Personally, I intend to mandate and find a way to fund a mission year for each of my children before I will pay for the college education. Although this is a priority for my family, I believe it should become a priority of our church leaders and our youth ministries.

I think we speak a bold truth into reality if we allow them pursue God's Kingdom for a period of time foremost in this evolutionary period of life, and then make their collegiate decisions based on their calling by God during that period.

I have recently become a BIG FAN of "The World Race". Although it is not for 18 year old kids, the motivation behind their ministry is the same as I am writing about. To BOLDLY CLAIM young men and women during this impressionable phase for a lifetime of service in God's Kingdom.

A group of us from camp have desired to launch a ministry like this. Although we have made quite a few connections we have not yet assembled a program that will work in an orchestrated way. My request is that is you believe in the ideal of this ministry, let me know, and I will let the others working with me know. We would be greatly encouraged to hear from people willing to commit support to this dream should we be able to launch it into a reality.

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