Wednesday, March 26, 2008

God Quit

Mission USA worship leader Jed Brewer released a new album last Tuesday as a free download on his website. I have been listening to the album for a little over a week now. It is an incredible album and has been a real blessing to my spirit. I wanted to give you a few lyrical snippets to prove how worthy of your time this album is.

Women God and Rock N Roll -
Women God and Rock N Roll
My three top drugs of choice
I could not hold my liquor
and I almost lost my voice.
Women God and Rock N Roll
I still want all three but
I am terrified of anymore of
each has done to me!
God Quit
Told God Has purposiveness
For Every Man
I heard about destiny
I thought it was meant for me
Thought Plans Were Part of the Plan
Did God Quit
Or Do I Just Not
Get It?
The Easy Part Is Hard
If we were out to dinner
I'd let you get the bill
But when it comes down to my cancer
I'm not so sure I want to be healed!
I nothing I don't know it's killing me
Believe me yes I do
It's just somewhere deep
inside my heart
I can't believe it's killing you!

Have mercy on this sinner Lord
I fear the easy part is hard
I am Man
And You're God
Couldn't we be something more?

The last three tracks are so amazing, I still after a week have not completely processed them. I still catch moments in them that I had not heard previously and they bring me to tears again.

Blessed Are Those
It's the only time they hear
What is whispered in their ears
By a God who will be known
For Who he is...
When there is no other choice
Than the still and quiet voice
Who Says,
"I Love You But I'm Nothing
Like You Think"

I Am Not Your Enemy
I am not your enemy
Do you know how much
you mean to me
I'm your father and I Love you Boy
Would you just sit and talk to me!

Religion of My Youth
The religion of my youth
I have found out was a chain
Wrapped around my ankle tight
Shackled to a weight of shame
Cutting out a cancer always hurts
But dying for no reason is worse!

So I hope I have successfully sold you on an album that will cost you nothing in terms of dollars! It will cost you a lot emotionally!

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Christi Bowman said...

I'm just seconding is an AWESOME album...very insightful into the heart of God...LOVE IT!!!!