Saturday, March 22, 2008

Follow Me and Fear Not

God has been very clear to us in our prayers through the Amazing revelation of his presence that He is calling our family to orphan work in Swaziland, on the southern tip of the African continent. I have obeyed God to in his command to "Follow Me" and we have been busily working to align ourselves with an organization to work with in that calling. Although, there is a lot to learn about each other from the organization we want to go with, we know that God is making roads and in a short while we will be ministering to the orphans of Swaziland.

I have not learned to trust God enough yet. "Fear Not" has eluded me for weeks. I have struggled, and fought with the looming fate of revealing this season of life to my boss. I have feared his reaction, since he is one of my best friends, and I did not want to disappoint him by moving on from serving as an employee in his companies, and yet we have known God's will revealed.

I told him today, fearing the worst, and God has prevailed and shown himself faithful once again. Where I feared anger and hurt, God has placed excitement and blessing. I wish I would have trusted God to "Fear Not" weeks ago and shared this amazing journey with my friend sooner.

I am so excited, and can not wait to see the many more movements of God as he leads us into this ministry! I can't wait till the day I make the post, "Swaziland Is Official" God has revealed his will, so pray for us as we wait for the cogs of humanity to catch up!

God Be Praised!!! The amazing power of resurrection!!!!


Elysa said...

That's fantastic, Kevin. I'm loving watching God move y'all closer and closer.


P.S. Love the new blog look! AFRICA ROCKS!!! ;)

Niki said...

I am THRILLED for you Kevin. You are being covered in prayer from CO! I look forward to watching God work in and through you.
Love the new look too!