Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Plethora Of Post

You might be wondering where I went. I have posted a few web links in the past 2 weeks, but as for substance I have produced nothing.

I have thinkers block. It is a serious case. I have a plethroa of ideas sitting as drafts, half written mangled thought processes which I am unable to mold into coherent enough thoughts to publish.

I have some serious things I have been thinking about.

  • I have been thinking a lot about what Deepak Chopra has to say on the "7 stages of love."
  • I have been thinking a lot about why Jim Wallis' conclusions are wrong though his thesis "Budgets are moral documents" is correct.
  • I have been thinking about my own attempts to create positive brand awareness for Jesus.
  • I have been working on a critique of "Black rednecks and white liberals" by Thomas Sowell.
  • I have been working on this "children's story" of a rock star (Bono) as on a Don Quixote like crusade that demonstrates the merits of his work.

A few quotes that have started posts that did not make it to publish:

"Not all the Bible may be fact, but it is all TRUTH" - Rob Bell

"But this chocolate thing goes to a whole different level. -
Children are being sold as slaves, being beaten and killed for not working fast enough, just so I have ninety-seven inexpensive candy options when I step up to the register at CVS. Kids are dying for candy.
What in hell are we doing?" - milton brasher-cunningham

"These teenagers don’t feel as though their sexuality has to define them, or that they have to define it, which has led some psychologists and child-development specialists to label them the “post-gay” generation. But kids like Alair and her friends are in the process of working up their own language to describe their behavior. Along with gay, straight, and bisexual, they’ll drop in new words, some of which they’ve coined themselves: polysexual, ambisexual, pansexual, pansensual, polyfide, bi-curious, bi-queer, fluid, metroflexible, heteroflexible, heterosexual with lesbian tendencies—or, as Alair puts it, “just sexual.” The terms are designed less to achieve specificity than to leave all options open." - Alex Morris

I have decided I am never coming back to any of these posts. I am deleteing the draft and moving on. Please stick around, I know I will be able to formulate a cognitive post again soon.


kingsjoy said...

Geesh, Kevin. One bite at a time, please! :)

These all look like worthwhile things to think about, though I don't know when I'll have time to get into all of them.

If I may choose one, what do you think about:

"Not all the Bible may be fact, but it is all TRUTH" - Rob Bell

(see love4theword's blog)

Darla said...

yes, thank you for the link to milton cunningham's blog... who is that? is it someone you know? very interesting... of course i was interested in the chocolate quote because of yesterday's events :) michael and i have been wondering about fair trade.

and, yes, i plan on sticking around! i check throughout the day waiting for a new post! :) but no pressure or anything. ha ha

p.s. i'm not touching that rob bell quote with a ten foot pole. we'll have to wait to talk about that in person, david! :)

Kevin J Bowman said...

It is funny... I am not touching that one either. It is actually the first of the ship wrecked posts.

Part of me thinks I have to deal with it to move on....

It is possibly the most important intersection of faith I have come to in the past 10 years.

The problem for me, is codifing my thoughts into words means I choose what I believe, whereas for the last few weeks (and really I have been dealing with the idea for months) I have entertained it as a novel guest.

Kevin J Bowman said...

Thank you, I think that the writer has some valid points, but I don't agree with him the extent I think he wants to be agreed with. I think to be absolutely honest we must accept a fluidity to our faith that has always been a part of the Chtristian experience.

kingsjoy said...

Kevin, I think you and I are pretty much on the same page about that article on love4theword's blog. (I emailed my response to him, per his request).


How do you send comment responses to my email address? Is that automatic or manually done? Great feature.

Kevin J Bowman said...

100% Manually... I send the email response and then post the same text on Blogger using leave comment... It would be a cool hack though to make that work...

gerbmom said...

Kingsjoy and Kevin, when people leave me a comment on my blog I automatically also get the full comment in my email.Go to settings. It is a setting under the comment tab. Down near the bottom - Comment Notification Address. Type in your address and they email you when someone leaves a comment on your blog. Was that what you wanted to know? If not - just ignore me - still a little silly from painkillers. ;)

Kevin J Bowman said...

No, after I get the email from him posting the comment, I reply via email... and then post the blog myself... since he would not get an update to a comment on my blog.

Kevin J Bowman said...

It is more than semantics... it is crucial to how we read the Bible.

The Bible is the story of God and his people. It is a passionatte love story of a God so in love with his people, he was willing to die for that love.

That is truth.

But fact is that which can be proven by scientiic method. Was there a king from a land name Salem whose name was Melchizedek?

Was there a literal garden, with a literal tree, that we can literally find on a map?

The fact of these stories can not be proven or disproven... but does that have any bearing on our acceptance of them as truth, because they are elements of this love story.

If one could definitively prove a land never existed called Salem, what effect would that have on the Bible?

This is the question the statement asks....

gerbmom said...

Got it. That would be cool. If you figure out a way to do it, let us all know!

don't eat alone said...


Thanks for posting my quote, if for no other reason in that it led me to your blog. I will be back often. I'm also adding a link on my site.