Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nsoko G42 Village Art

I hopefully very soon will be building a website dedicated to the Nsoko orphan village. The site concept is to have an interactive "map" of the project with buttons that teach the visitor about the needs and goals of the village. I wanted to however put up 3 of the pictures we have done to whet your appetite, and also to invite you to check out Gary Black's blog post where he talks about the fiscal ways you can be involved in Nsoko today.

TOP:Each Orphan Pod will support 8 double orphans and a young Christian woman from the Swazi culture who will raise the children as their mother. BOTTOM: Each child will be responsible for a portion of the community life. One portion is the garden which will produce fresh produce for consumption and sale. Drip irrigation will be an important part of the success of these gardens.

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Elysa said...

Can't wait to see the website and hope that one day I'll be blessed enough to see the REAL Nsoko Village!

Bless you, Kev!!!!