Monday, May 05, 2008

Come Alongside Me!!!

  • I say this prayer, "God, get us to Swazi so I can come alongside you in your work with the fatherless." God replies, "Come alongside me here!"
  • I say this prayer, "God, the house needs to be sold, the support needs to be raised; so I can come alongside your love for these orphans." God replies, "Come alongside me now!"
  • I say this prayer, "God, download your wisdom into my mind so I am qualified to be a teacher alongside you in raising these forgotten babies." God replies, "Come alongside me today!"
  • I say this prayer, "God, make me a boundless wellspring of love and service so I can come alongside you to these abandoned." God replies, "Come alongside me! Come alongside me! Come alongside me!"

I really must tell you the truth, I'd like to already be in Swaziland, working at the orphan village, pastoring and discipling these precious fatherless children. Since God has confirmed this calling in our lives, the path from here to there can seem discouraging and irrelevant.

Yet I know that is NOT God's way. To God no step along the path is irrelevant. I feel more than ever before I need to curl up close in the Father's side, and use my hands to join his work Here, Now, Today!

A Prayer: Holy God, I am so thankful for my precious second child and her love to work alongside me in our kitchen. I need to get my step stool out and join my daddy in his work. Thank you Lord for showing me that if I am alongside you, I am right where I need to be. Your Kingdom Come - On Earth As It Is In Heaven - In My Hands as they are guided by you!

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