Monday, May 19, 2008

Mystical Perfection

Perhaps I looked only at the mountain's summit without a glance into the valley's beneath, but the only phrase for "the church" gathered in the loft above the Adventures headquarters that day was mystical perfection.

Back the beginning of April when we went to meet with the staff at Adventures for the possibility of joining their staff as part of the Swaziland team it was World Race training week. We were only there for the weekend, and were only present at a few of the worship sessions and yet I have never felt more alive in any worship setting.

I am not a "praise and worship" kind of guy. I was to make clear that I worship God, just singing songs is rarely my style. However the worship, no the entire gathering was different. I certainly sang out more openly, connected more openly, and participated more openly in the music: yet that was not the mystical connection.

This gathering, these students and leaders were all truly "Ekklessia" the "Called Out." I had never been in a large community setting, where our common thread was not a doctrine or a philosophy, but instead it was a desire to be the presence of the real living God on the earth. We were all united, despite strangers, by our commitment for the dynamic expansion of Kingdom of God. In that loft in our worship together the Spirit's presence permeated our bodies, our minds, and our spirits in a way that created a sense of community I have NEVER experienced in Church.

It has been six weeks now, and I find the longings deep inside myself needing to reconnect in that setting among that kind of people. I NEED to be a part of a community committed to being called out from the world for the expansion of God's Kingdom which is when the incarnational body experiences mystical perfection.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff, man. I love the holy longing of discontent in you.

dpmb said...

I can vouch for the atmosphere in that attic. I must have missed you by a day or two, as I was there. I haven't been the same since. My call to go and desire to for community is alive like never before. God bless you brother.