Thursday, May 08, 2008

Jesus Loves Thugs!

NewsMax magazine published an article "blasting" Otis Moss, the young associate pastor and future Senior Pastor at Trinity UCC in Chicago. The humor to their assault is that EVERYTHING Reverend Moss says in the sermon is correct. Here is their list of offensive lies that Rev. Moss is perpetuating.

  1. “Jesus has a soft spot for thugs.”
  2. “God is always using thugs to do God’s work.”
  3. “Everyone has a little bit of thug in them.”
  4. Noah was a “thug” who “was drinking much gin and juice and got drunk on the eve of reconstruction.”
  5. Abraham “pimped his own wife.”
  6. Jacob was a “hustler” who “stole his own brother’s birthright.”
  7. Moses was a “thug” and “if he got mad would give you a royal beatdown.”
  8. Sampson was a “thug” and a “player.”
  9. David was a “thug,” a “shot caller,” and a “player,” and a man after God’s own heart.
  10. “Jesus is on the cross being lynched between two thugs. The moment of execution, the moment of murder, Jesus, the son of God, is hanging out with thugs.”
The problem with their accusation is that ALL of these statements are Biblically true. Jesus affirms his soft spot for thugs in Luke 5:31 in fact the entire Bible story affirms Jesus' passion to take the unlikely failures of this world, and empower them to be key instruments in his kingdom. These Newsmax writers do not get that highlighting the failures of the Bible's Heroes is not controversial, it is included in the text of the word by God himself, to demonstrate the very point that Mr. Moss is making,, "Your condition does not dictate your conclusion." God's Lost n Found is filled with those people he would later use to revolutionize the world. It seems the author of this article is so trapped in the power methodologies of the fallen kingdom that he can not see the beauty of God's kingdom that uses the foolish & failures of this world to shame the wise & winners.

Here Is their Excerpt From The Sermon: Seems Right On To Me!

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Niki said...

AMEN! Preach it brother! I know MY condition is not MY conclusion either. :) Love this!