Wednesday, May 21, 2008

God Gives Us People

I stole this off Scot McKnight's blog, who reported it as being written by Nancy Lewis pastor of congregational care at the Oakland Covenant Church in Oakland California.

It’s always about the people in your midst. Who is God bringing to you, giving you opportunity to shine His light for them, needing God’s presence in their lives through you? Who needs to hear a word from God that comes through your lips, who will God use to speak to you? I have found that the most valuable commodity that God gives us, beyond Himself, is time with people. While this can be the most draining and frustrating part of ministry, I truly think God wants us to focus on His people and the people He desires to woo unto Himself. God’s greatest message came in the form of His own son who came to live with and among people.

When we invest in people there is often a great perceived risk for us but there is not for God. It helps me to remember that I am only called to “plant the seeds”, He is the Lord of the harvest. When I have prayerfully been given a tough message to deliver I need to always remember that it is His message. When there is an opportunity to speak words of comfort I need to focus on His words for the person. At times no words are necessary and it is more important to just be. Practicing the presence of God with someone is a powerful thing to behold.

I am deeply challenged by her insight on two levels. First she challenges us to be deeply permeated by the Spirit so that we are aware of God's ordination in every relational moment of the day. Secondly she sends a warning for us to heed, to not take responsibility for failure to these people God invites us to into relationship.

Well spoke and well warned!

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