Monday, October 01, 2007

The Power of the Blood of Jesus

Andrew Murray - a 19th century Dutch Reformed minister and first president of YMCA wrote over 240 books in lifetime. I am currently reading "The Power of the Blood of Jesus" This quote really struck a chord with me.

The hidden value of His blood is the spirit of self-sacrifice, and where the blood really touches the heart, it works out in that heart, a like spirit of self-sacrifice. We learn to give up ourselves and our lives, so as to press into the full power of that new life, which the blood. has provided.

We give our time in order that we may become acquainted with these things by God's Word. We separate ourselves from sin and worldly-mindedness, and self-will, that the power of the blood may not be hindered, for it is just these things that the blood seeks to remove.

We surrender ourselves wholly to God in prayer and faith, so as not to think our own thoughts, and not to hold our own lives as a prize, but as possessing nothing save what He bestows. Then He reveals to us the glorious and blessed life which has been prepared for us by the blood.

So basically since Life is in the blood and Christ giving us his blood was the ultimate step of self sacrifice this means that participation in self-sacrifice is where we most experience our "life" in Christ. Our participation in the service of restoring justice to others is the ultimate form of participation in Christ's redemptive work.

The book is free online in an old english translation. A modern translation is available in paperback for only $9 on Amazon.

Power In The Blood

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