Thursday, October 11, 2007

My First Removed Post

In 4 years of blogging I have not removed a post before today. I have removed, "The Camel's Back Is Cracking." I apologize to the MANY people at Cardinal Drive I offended by writing that post. My choice to cynically caricature the church I attend did not in way reflect the kind of love I want to live my life by. In addition to publicly acknowledging my the destructiveness of my actions, I will personally apologize to those who my words called out.

I do still thank those of you who read this blog, and lended me your support through comments and email. It was a very rough night for me, and your encouragement was invaluable.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin, you are awesome and I love you. God has a way of fine tuning those who love Him. Perhaps you were being "tuned".