Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Freedom In Christ: Blood (3/4)

"This is the blood of the covenant.” we have hardly no reaction to these words as they have become a rote incantation recited before we participate in a monotonous religious custom. Yet the blood spoken of by Jesus in the last supper, is the most most fundamental piece of our emancipation from bondage. The very life of almighty God was enclosed the blood of Jesus. When the savior poured out his blood as an offering of life the reality of redemption first became possible. Christ, the firstborn of creation, own spilled blood is inauguration of reconciliation out of our bondage and into the freedom of covenant relationship with God.

The nine plagues against Egypt were unable to crack Pharaoh's resolve. It was the fury of the 10th plague, the death of the firstborn son that not even he could emerge from. As the life of his son laid cold and breathless in his arms Pharaoh summoned Moses and told him, “Get out of here and be done with you—you and your Israelites!” The King's son had to die to break the toll of enslavement. The redemption of the Hebrew people was paid with the blood of the Pharaoh's son.

Other blood was shed that night also. On the door post of the Hebrew's homes was the blood of an unblemished yearling male lamb. The lamb slaughtered, like the one slaughtered in place of Issac on Mount Moriah, would be an substitutive offering to preserve life and bring victory to God's people.

The blood of the covenant was that blood. The blood of the king's son and the blood of the lamb, would unite together for the redemption of God's people. The blood of the king's son and the blood of the lamb, were powerful to liberate the shackles the people of God were prisoners to. The blood of the king's son and the blood of the lamb, were victorious in bringing union with God to this slave nation.

The blood of the king's son and the blood of the lamb, were united together in the gift of Christ. The King of King, the Infinite Almighty God, the Lord of Hosts' son became THE LAMB! United together in the unblemished savior the offering of Christ's blood became reconciliation, cleansing, sanctification, and victory to those who cover the door posts of their heart with that blood. Freedom from enslavement, bondage, oppression and death was irrevocably bestowed on those who were bathed in the redemptive power of that blood.

The blood of the king's son and the blood of the lamb, in Christ, were the blood of the covenant between man and God. No longer would man be enslaved to the bondage of his old self. No longer would life be a foreboding, lonely, march toward the grave to those who had tasted the sweet blood of the covenant. Life emancipated from the bondage of sin is realized in the blood of the covenant, that is abundant life, freedom given that we might be free, union as adopted sons and daughters of God, where our New self is seated in throne room of heaven.

When the Lion of Judah, the seed of David became the lamb slain man was brought to peace with God through the blood of the everlasting covenant. When the blood of the savior was poured out into death's caverns the veil that separated fallen man from almighty God was torn from top to bottom and mankind received a high priest whose blood would be ever poured out for their redemption.

The blood of the covenant, is the LIFE of the new creation.

This is part 3 of a 4 part series I wrote for the staff of the Columbus Day retreat this past weekend at Rockford Christian Camp.

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