Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Patriots 52 Red Skins 7

So after the Patriots defeated the Red Skins 52 to 7 Randall Godfrey,a line backer from the Red Skins, accused the Patriot QB of disrespecting them and running up the score. Now please understand that as I soap box about this, I know nothing about the sport and maybe I am wrong.

HOWEVER, we're talking NFL professional football. That QB is payed to SCORE points. The Patriots coach is payed to WIN games. This is so indicative of our pussyfoot sissy society.

The goal of a professional athlete should be to WIN and win big EVERY time he plays the game. I am not a sports fan, but still stand offended ESPN and NBCSports would waste our airwaves, or the Washington Times waste their paper and ink, with athletes who are offended by the gravity of their defeat.

Seriously, go home, work harder, and win bigger! That is the result a true professional would gain from that defeat. The Redskin's Godfrey need to grow up and act like a professional. He,s not playing Kindergarten ball anymore.

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