Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gmail - Once Before I Loved Google Mail

I have been an evangelist for GMail since it first premiered. The crowning achievement of Google mail is the idea behind archiving mail rather than deleting it. I have made many a converts to Google mail because of my soap boxing about the genius of this feature. Second only to archiving was the filter option. Using this feature I set up a second mail address and a whitelist of people I wanted delivered to my PDA. Now I could get mail from the people who mattered most, exactly when it was sent, while my more mundane mail sat nicely back in the laptop.

It was because of these 2 features I have begun to roll out Gmail to our company. So far I have moved our first 9 people over to Google Apps and still have about 50 to 60 more to migrate over. I am quite thankful I decided to do this is increments, since I am out SIGNIFICANTLY less money as I now have to decide whether I will be moving any other employees over to this platform.

Google Mail, once the envy of mail servers everywhere has cut the forward feature. Now whenever I attempt to add a new filter I get some message about that not being possible, making the once glorious GMail, now just another mail server.

Google has no support, and my business sales person will not return my calls, so I am left to search for a new company with all the glory that Google once featured.

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