Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Peace - Community - Life - God's Power in Middle East

"'We oppose the way the U.S. government tries to manage the world. We think this method is wrong. It leads to war, discrimination and bloodshed.'" - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

I do not endorse President Ahmadinejad or his policies as a national leader. I merely say that President Ahmadinejad illustrates two fronts where he is correct and it would be in the best interest of "homeland security" to take a lesson.

FEAR - SEPARATION - DEATH - These 3 consequences of the Fall are the fundamental essence of earthly power. When the U.S. government (or any earthly power) desires to grow it's influence in the world, it's only tools are fear, separation, and death. All kings and nation states have wielded these three powers from the beginning of time. War is a game of manipulation and brute force to compel the people of an "enemy" nation to embrace the idea that your people are a greater threat to their peace, their community, and their life than their current situation. President Ahmadinejad is correct when he preaches a message that says U.S. military interference in any external region leads to destabilizing of that region. Power that comes from an earthly source is ALWAYS met by power that comes from an earthly source.

PEACE - COMMUNITY - LIFE - President Ahmadinejad popularity is in his nation is off the chart, while President Bush's popularity is at a historic low. President Ahmadinejad visits the provinces, promises new services, get economic policy from his butcher, etc, etc, etc... Now please do not mistake me for a fool. I am sure he is disingenuous, and merely a manipulator who is playing the "good guy card" BUT, his popularity is at the VERY LEAST a symbol of good policy in the middle east. If we as God's people responded by providing new services, improving the social economic situation of the area, and demonstrated the love of Jesus we would be embracing a new power, a power that would surely eradicate radical Islam's recruiting power. The power Jesus encourages his followers to embrace is based on a new model. It is not the world's power, instead it the power of the cross. It is the power that lead almighty God to wash the feet of disciple and to share the message, "Whatever you did to the least of these, you did to me!" Power that encourages peace, that strengthens community, and redeems life from the clutches of death is the much greater power. Power that comes from a Godly source ALWAYS reclaims the dignity and humanity of each person as equal in the sight of our creator.

God's power, not the world's is THE source of freedom and peace!

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