Monday, April 19, 2004

Interface or Code?

My brother asks an intresting question in the Programmer Interview PDF he has posted on his blog.

"In your opinion, which is more important in the development of an application: the design of the interface or the design of the code?"

As I read this question I thought that it was a question that would apply and should be asked everyday by everyone of us before we sit down to perform any task in life.

For those of you with no computer background let me reword the question, "Which is more important, the answer or the presentation of the answer." I have head several friends of mine fired from preaching jobs because they did never focused presentation of the answer. I have had other friends fired for focusing only on presentation and never on the answer itself.

To my brother, a rational linear annalytical thinker, there is only on right answer, the design of the code. The problem is perfect code with no interface that can be understood will only drive people away from the application not toward it.

Allow me the oppurtunity to give an example. Many time people find Legalism in the Bible and are therefore turned off toward Christianity. Is there a black and white unmoveable LAW within the Bible? Yes, of course, but the interface is what shows us the law. My personal interaction with God and time spent learning more about his passionate pursuit of his people, has shown the benefits of the "application." I am sure you have all had this same experience in your lives.

On with applying this in every encounter we have with people. Many hurdles in my marriage, friendships, family, and work life could have been avoided by better "application" on my part. If I had focused on the needs of the other person many times I would have made different choices. At the same time, relationship will hit hard choices, and at times I could have benefited each of these relationships by simply presenting the underlying application within a better interface, (i.e. more wisely chosen words.)

We as people must be both application and interface driven in our personal relationships. We must trust the Lord and our humble submission to his will to show us which choice in more important in the development of each situation we face in lfe.

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