Tuesday, April 27, 2004

3 Baby Book or 1 Big Kid Book

In the past we have read 3 "First Reader" books at bedtime. Recently however Ella has switched to wanting a "real' story. She is a big fan of Wemmicks by Max Lucado. 2 nights ago we read Cinderella, so she does have varrying taste as well.
Anyway, last night she brings me over "Bath Time Ernie" and I read it, then I tell her, "That was a little book, so we can read a few more." Next she brings me "Bed Time Grover" and last she brings "Happy Halloween Blue." It is now time for Bible and prayers, but she begs for "1 more book please" and I cave in. She comes over carrying what but a long, big kid story. DOH... She got 4 books and 1 was a big kid story. Go her!

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