Thursday, April 08, 2004

The Genius of Microsoft!

Score one for Microsoft and their inovative comitment to a free market society. I know that people who work in the Information Technology arena are supposed to hate Microsoft. I however LOVE Microsoft, and love their abilty to dominate. Here is a quote from a great great article. The article is slanted against Microsoft, but hey it still can't deny the truth.

"Long before Microsoft learned the 'importance of sharing code,' it learned that to beat any competitor, it should 'embrace and extend' that competitor's technology. Want to take over the Internet? Embrace Web browsing technology with a free browser, Internet Explorer, that's incorporated into the operating system, and extend it with proprietary 'enhancements' that make other browsers look bad. It worked.
So, although some people rave about how great Mozilla, Opera and Firefox are, according to, Internet Explorer this January had a total global-usage share of 94.8 percent. Second place went to Mozilla with an almost insignificant 1.8 percent, and Opera 7 came in with a global usage of 0.8 percent."

MS Open-Source Move is Straight from Playbook

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