Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools Fun

So last night at about 10pm I came over to work and had a little April Fools fun. I replaced a replica of the users desktop with a virus notice, disabled all his icons, and then added a batch script to his startup folder to make the computer beep 500 times.

The instructions for making the replica screen with fake virus notification are here.
The batch script is here and needs to be placed in users startup folder.

So have fun!


Elysa said...

Oh man...I'm SO thankful that I'm not your co-worker today!!!! Any other day...sure, but NOT today.

BTW, one year I pranked everyone out by sending out a fake pregancy announcement. Considering how many kids we have, it was a believable one. ;)

Kevin J Bowman said...

Oh, you have NO idea! I have also replaced one person's shortcut to the accounting software with the beep file, installed a fake blue screen of death on another user, used a graphic to make another user think his LCD had shattered. Some ideas were my own, others I got off blogs last night.

I still plan on getting the kids with the broken screen tonight!

I think we should send out a pregnancy announcement! That would really freak people ou since most our friend know I had the Big V, and we include that we are excited that Christi will be giving birth in Africa!