Monday, April 14, 2008

Spiritual Warfare - Daily Scripture Memory

Daily_Bible_Promises is a collection of verses to be read out loud with your children as part of their bed time ritual. At least that is my plan for these texts. When Christ met temptation he answered it with scripture. This reading guide is meant to commit key texts to your mind that you will need to combat the lies Satan places into our minds.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday readings are the actual scriptural text Neil Anderson uses in his "Who I Am In Christ" material. Thursday and Friday pick up where Dr. Anderson leaves off and are meant to place scripture into our minds that reminds us that God has purpose for our lives. Thursday - I am Called - reminds us that Christ commands to follow him are fully consuming and yet completely freeing. Friday - I am Commissioned - reminds us as to what work God wants to accomplish through us.

Again, these texts are meant to be placed into our minds so that we have the word of God implanted and ready to answer Satan's lies, whether they are about my value or about my calling.

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