Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Math Test Generator

We are having problems with our daughter being sick at school and having to come home. So I thought I would go online and print a quick little math work for based on the material they are currently working on with her. After a Google search returned no usable math test, I created one my self.

This is perfect for timed math tests. It can be used to generate about any standard math fact test.
I hope someone other than just myself can put it to work for them.

Math Test Generator


Randy said...

A few enhancement ideas:

1. Option to generate a key for those of who are too lazy to do the work.

2. Number the problems.

Otherwise, looks great. ;)

Niki said...

Very cool. You amaze me Kevin. I'm just a little surprised you couldn't find anything like this put out by the homeschooling community. Stinkin' homeschoolers! :P Oh wait...that's me.

Randy...that's sad friend...really sad. ;) I guess we have earned the right not to have to sit at a desk and answer multiple questions as fast as we can. Aaahhh...adulthood. lol

Kevin J Bowman said...

I was quite surprised by the fact that I could not find one either. The original code only took about 15 minutes to write (no answer key) with another 15 to add subtraction, multiplication and division. So for 30 minutes, I was quite surprised it had not already been done. I finally decided they must exist behind home school websites membership fees. As far as the answer key goes, when I first read my brothers comment I thought EXACTLY the same way, but I decided that for convenience people would probably appreciate it! I have not yet decided about the numbering. I have never seen a timed test with numbers... so I don't know if I am going to do that or not.