Monday, December 03, 2007

Mission Work To Swaziland

On January 23, 2o08 my wife and I will join a team from Children's Hope Chest to visit the Kingdom of Swaziland. We will be visiting the organization's orphanages and care points. We will spend a full week in country. Swaziland is a very small country that has been devastated by the AIDS Epidemic. Official numbers put the national adult AIDS rate at 40%. Some experts however feel it could be closer to a 60% of the adult population is infected with the virus.

This number is most frightening when one thinks about the children left behind. Often both parents have the disease and when they die, there is no one available to care for the children. This virus is an orphan maker. The orphans already number in the ten thousands, and the problem is exponential.

We are accompanying Children's Hope Chest on this trip to learn what we can do personally. We also want to learn what you can do personally. It is our goal to connect our entire network of friends, family, and churches to the issues, and solutions to combat this perfect storm.

God calls himself the father to the fatherless. Our family has united to be God's hands to provide the father's love to these children made fatherless by the grip of this tragedy. If you would like to virtually join us as we prepare for, and go on this trip then please check out for our "Mission Trip 2008" Blog

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