Monday, December 03, 2007

What Would Jesus Buy?

Friday night my wife and I sat over two hours in Chicago rush hour traffic to pilgrimage our way from the suburbs to the bright lights of the city. Our journey taking nearly an hour longer than we accounted for left us attending the 10:15 showing of the new film, produced by Morgan Spurlok and starring Reverend Billy, "What Would Jesus Buy."

My wife and I both liked the movie. Although I do not agree with the reverend on every level, his overall mission to "slow down American consumerism" is certainly a worthy goal. I certainly believe he proves his thesis that Jesus would not endorse the selfishness and greed that are associated around the celebration of his birth.

Overall, I would recommend the movie. Rev. Billy was at the viewing and we enjoyed being a part of the discussion with him after the show. He did admit to having had a few drinks by the 12:15 AM ending of the show.

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