Monday, February 05, 2007

Frozen Pipes and Ceiling Holes

My Plans For Sunday February, 4th:
1. Get Up at 8:00
2. Go To Church
3. Get Ready For Party
4. Host Party

My Actual February 4th:
1. Be awakend at 6:45 with Frozen pipes
2. Crawl around My basement looking for water pipes
3. Climb into my attic and find water pipes
4. Spend 2 Hours trying to warm pipes with blow dryer
5. Spend 20 minutes actually doing something productive with blow torch
6. Decide to take a shower and go on to church after recovering pipes with insulation
7. Lose balance and put left leg through ceiling
8. Deal with 2 years olds "freak out" over previous item
9. Clean up insulation from living room
10. Patch large hole in ceiling
11. Get Ready For Party
12. Host Party

Not the day I had imagined...

1 comment:

gerbmom said...

but a much better story in the long run...... ;)