Friday, February 02, 2007

Equal Protection For Cohabitant Adults

In a great many debates I have argued that the issue of gay marriage is easily solved by granting equal protection to all cohabitant adults. This means if a Widow and her son want to live together to share the expenses that the deceased father once carried, they should have equal protection and benefits of a married couple. It is nice to see that "my idea" has finally floated up to people in power and positions.

The proponent is Bishop Joseph Tyson of Seattle and the paragraph that best explains the issue:
But don't be fooled: The Catholic Church is not about to drop its moral qualms about homosexual relationships. In a fine bit of casuistry, Tyson's proposal wouldn't force the Church to bless any particular living arrangement, and it would simultaneously advance one of the church's long-standing public policy goals: extending social benefits like health care more widely.
This seems to be a win for people on all sides of the debate.

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