Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kindergarten Sight Words

My daughter asked me if we could get new flash cards for her homework. I agreed we could but I was quickly very frustrated at the fact that there is no easy way to make "sight words" or "popcorn words" flash cards for my Kindergarten student. There is no website out there with a flash card generator for these word lists.

I agree with my daughter and our annoyance is that we get bored looking at the same flash cards all the time. Our current flash cards are black and white and have mittens on them. That was great when her teacher sent them home. Now we have been using them for months and are just plain tired of them. So I wrote a little Sight Words App where I could generate the Flash Cards much more easily.

I preloaded it with a bunch of graphics all in full color, and included sight words for Kindergarten through 3rd grade from the Dolch Word List. This will make it so that we can change regularly between flash card sets and progress as her reading list expands.

Anyone with young students who would like to use this resource is more than welcome to it.

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