Monday, October 23, 2006

Amish and Terror - 4 Questions

Some of you may have read this post, which linked to this article, which was argued against by my brother in this post.

I ask the following 4 questions to my brother here in Open Forum and I will link to his responses before I continue my response.

1. Will Christ wisdoms and teachings only work for a Christian?

2. Is God more powerful than evil?

3. Who is my neighbor?

4. Was Jesus' rhetoric "thoughtless feel-goodism" meant to be irrelevantly pondered in the walls of our cathedrals, or was his language a poignantly social and political praxis illustrated by an intentional counter-cultural lifestyle?

(OK maybe question 4 is baited) My comments after your response:


Randy said...

1. Yes. Without the redeeming nature of Christ to re-author the evil, incarnate man, attempts to change are merely “paint jobs.” Christians (i.e., those who are in a relationship with Christ) are a "new creation." Therefore, unless a Muslim becomes a Christian, Christ’s wisdom and teachings MAY temporarily change his actions, but never his heart.

2. Yes. God is more powerful than evil. However, this world is currently ruled by Satan, not God. So, until the Second Coming and the Redemption of the Entire Creation takes place, evil will exist and must be dealt with.

3. Not sure I see the relevance of this question…I’m sure your dazzling brilliance will bring its significance to light.

4. I think I spoke to that when I described the differences between “personal” relationship and “global” relationship. However, I will reiterate that I do not believe Jesus cared about politics. It WE who somehow confuse society with politics. Jesus did speak of social justice at the personal level, but not at a political level. I’ve believed for quite some time that if churches and “Christians” were acting the way they were supposed to, they would drive government social programs out of business, thus removing the political ramparts that are really causing the divisiveness in this country right now.

BTW...I spent 6 days writing that post and thinking through did you respond so quickly?

Kevin J Bowman said...

It will take me longer to respond than it took me to ask the questions I needed to set you up:-)