Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Firefox - Quick Search Via URL

So I was reading a post on a ColdFusion Usergroup that suggested using a Quicksearch in the Firefox address bar. I continued reading the post and really have to admit this is about the coolest feature in the world.

Firefox Bookmarks allow you to add an Address Bar Keyword. This means when you type in your keyword along with your search terms it automatically sends the terms as a url search parameter. To Make this work you must follow these steps.

1. Navigate to a page using a URL Search Parameter.
2.Bookmark the page.
3. Goto to Manage Bookmarks.
4. Replace your search parameters with %s.
5. Next create a keyword association.
6. Try it out in a New Tab.

I know this will be very useful for me!

Google Maps -
  • Site:
  • My Ketword: Map

Google Images -
  • Site:
  • My Keyword: Image

Blogger Blog Serach -
  • Site:
  • My Keyword: Blog

Yahoo Search -
  • Site:
  • My Keyword: Yahoo

MySpace Friend Search -
  • Site: Too Long Copy and Paste From Link
  • My Keyword: MySpace

I think you get the idea

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