Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Science Points To God

In the New York Times today there was an article An Evolutionary Theory of Right and Wrong that is based on the new book "Moral Minds" by Harvard Biologist Marc Hauser.

Dr. Hauser argues that our basic moral code does not come from the world we are nurtured in, but from a more deeply seeded component of the nature of our DNA. I should state that I 100% agree with Dr. Hauser on that point. I differ in the fact that Dr. Hauser believes we evolved that way through a utilitarian need for morality.
I believe we were created through God's process with the ever famous "Imago Dei" or "Image of God." Our development as a species was guided from the dust to be the very likeness of God. In fact it was God's design not nature's that developed in us a universal sense of right and wrong.

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