Friday, June 09, 2006

WWJW: What Would Jesus Wear?

Often when I speak about the American Christian's responsibilty to Fair Trade, I am met with two responspes from the crowd.

1. Cynical Dismisal ("Kevin is an Alarmist')
2. Cynical Desperation ("There's Nothing I Can Do..."

I will never dignify the first issue with a response, since I think "choosing ignorance" is irresponsible.

However I feel the second response is much more valid, and more easily addressed.

Today, in light of the World Cup the Ox-Fam Sportswear Report was released. This report looks at the trade practices of the 12 leading Sportswear brands.

By choosing to support companies that are improving in their trade practices, is an easy simple step for choosing to do the right thing...

I would always be willing to fly out and speak on these issues... "The Rich Man, The Eye of the Needle, and Fairtrade" is a sermon every Christian needs to hear.

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