Friday, June 09, 2006

My Letter To Henry Hyde

I am generally a supporter of respect and honor being paid to those in authority, just because they are in an elected position. However when those authorities go and violate their oath of office, to ensure the bulding size of their campaign warchest, it makes my bllod boil and harsh words are necessary.

The republican decision to vote against net neutrality is just such an occasion. I sent my congressman this letter celebrating his vote.

Thank you for your astute decision to back the large telcomm companies that line the greedy pockets of your campaign war chest rather than voting to protect the rights and needs of your constituents.

Your vote against Net Nuetrailty in the Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement Act has been noted; and you have certainly identified yourself and your priorities as being loyal to Corporate lobbyist rather than the everyday voters you took an oath to represent.

I am deeply saddened to live in the district you claim to represent.

Kevin J. Bowman
For those of you who think I am being to harsh, you should have read the first draft.

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