Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Michael Moore and Ann Coulter Are Bad For America

In this day of extreme political discontent many people are blinded to the reality of how every coin has two sides. I hear my conservative friends blast Michael Moore as the anti-Christ and call him an unpatriotic liar. I hear my liberal friends blast Ann Coulter as a fear mongering unpatriotic liar. Both sides seem to accuse these two personalities of exagerated statistics, slander, and outright lies in their respective books and movies. As a libertarian I have the luxury of perspective on this issue that many of my friends do not have, since neither speak for "my side" of the issues.

Ann Coulter and Michael Moore are two sides of the same coin, and they are BOTH bad for America. The polarizing slander that has come to dominate our public discourse has become a school yard playground riddle with name calling and other asundered childlike activities. It seems that our politicians and political personalities need a good lesson from mom on getting along.

Allow me to make 3 points here that I truly believe.

1. George Bush, John Kerry, Al Gore, Dennis Hastert, Hillary Clinton, Condi Rice, Edward Kenedy, and Karl Rove all LOVE AMERICA, they are all patriotic people who want nothing more than the best for the home nation.

2. George Bush made the best decisions he could make based on the best intelligence in the world. John Kerry is right that we need a hard fast exit strategy to end this occupation.

3. Michael Moore & Ann Coulter will say and do anything to sell books and neither should be trusted, believed, or quoted by any self respecting person.

I would like to note in closing that what we need in America is more honest open discussion about the real heart of real people's real decisions. What we do not need (and will unfortunately get) is another piece of non-fiction from Ann or Michael.

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don't eat alone said...

on most any front, the truth lies less at the poles and more in the creative tension between them.