Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Why Bother????

So it is time for yet another rant about my church and their ongoing disdain for families with young children. Our church has offically closed the nursery and canceled all preschool classes for Sunday morning, and then canceled all youth classes on Wednesday. This to have a muddled down useless program that is supposed to resemble a family Bible Study. YUCK!!!

The kicker to this though that we are still told we need to help in the nursery duringer worship assembly. The question is WHY BOTHER coming??? We might as well just stop going since we are supposed to go and just be with our kids.

Please understand, I am a full supporter of Family Bible study model for a church program. However that needs to be done for our schoolage children not our preschool. Designing a program that serves the fractured lifestyle of our schoolage - sports -scouts -music -over commited families is a great idea. Throwing babies and toddlers into the mix, because it's easier than actually getting a volunteer to play n the nursery with them is ludacris. The evidence of how stupid this really is will become evident when our youth minister and his wife return with their 1 month old newborn, that we are supposed to believe needs to be a part of this.

We will NEVER get another new young family with this!!!

I would 100% leave NOW myself if I did not believe in the benevolent and service work we are doing this summer. I think that the work at the track is about the coolest ministry I have had the chance to be a part of at any church.

Anyway...Tell me whatyou think... am I off bse here?

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