Tuesday, December 14, 2004

TiVo vs. Microsoft vs. the Set-Top Box

After reading this article on the battle between Big Green, the little screen, and the cable companies I was also reminded I needed to check out Digital Joy which is an unbranded look at HP's digital media hubs that were being showcased at Woodfield Mall this past Saturday.
I think the analyst major flaw in awarding the win to MS is that to put programming in 2 rooms from HP/MS is $1700 and to put programming in 2 rooms from TiVo is as low as $160. Now even at the $20 a month difference to pay for programming on 2 units with TiVo that is over 6 years before the MS option has justified it's cost differential.
I am not buying electronics with a 6 year ROI.

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Randy said...

ROFL... You can tell you've been in the business world. No one looks at ROI except IT managers needing to justify thier expense. I don't know when I last heard of a home electronics consumer make a purchasing decision based on ROI. Too Funny!!!