Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Nature of Gambling

There are 2 great moral questions I have changed my position on in the last few years based on the expert logic, Biblical exposition, and sustained effort of people I respected greatly.

The first is the subject of abortion. 5 years ago I felt that abortion though morally wrong was a civil right in a free society since it "did no harm" the measure that should callibrate crime. Alan Keyes in his 2000 presidential run convinced me that in fact, it was a civil wrong, since it did do harm to the most basic and most innocent of mankind the unborn, and they like all people were "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" This guarntee was co-opted as an offering to the gods of vanity and convience against the most vulnerable of our society .

The second issue that I have changed my mind on is the issue of gambling. In the past, I did feel it was wrong for a Christian to gamble if it was a problem that caused him or her to shirk responsibilty for his or her family that was ordained by God. However Chuck Miller - our minister at the West Chicago church convinced me that the sin of gambling was that it was capitalized on our flesh using all three lies of Satan. This point was well illustrated in an Agape Press article I read today where the author points out, "Gambling is always sinful because it emanates from a spiritual motive God summarily rejects."
The basis of gambling is to "gather gain" by expoliting others who have experienced loss. The LOSS by others is the fundamental problem that can not be ignored. It is a violation of the command to "love one another" if we steal from those in need by means of gambling.

These sins are so much at the heart of the falling of this great nation. We as a people and a nation will pay the judgment for the ongoing growth of these exploitations. We are at a crux where our choice is only to tear down these "high places" of abortion and gambling and seek God's revival in our hearts and lives.

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