Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Teachers - Are They Pulling Their Investments Out of Public Education

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute published a paper noting the disporportional relationship between public educators and the general public in usage of private schools rather than government schools for their own children.

Here is the opening to the paper

Does it matter where public-school teachers send their own children to school? If so, how and why? What can we learn from them? What we are grappling with here is the question of connoisseurship. Stock analysts, for example, watch carefully when corporate directors buy or sell the stock of companies on whose boards they serve.
Similarly, we can assume that no one knows the condition and quality of public schools better than teachers who work in them every day. Teachers, it is reasonable to assume, care about education, are reasonably expert about it, and possess quite a lot of information about the schools in which they teach.
If these teachers are more likely than the general public (which may not have nearly as much information or expertise in these matters) to send their own daughters and sons to the public
schools in which they teach, it is a strong vote of confidence in those schools. If they do not, then we might reasonably conclude that those in the best position to know are signaling a trong “sell” about public education in their communities...

It is important to note that if those charged with education in this nation, do not trusts our government education systems, we as responsibile parents must find better educational solutions for our children. Whether that is home school or private school, this is another proof that government schools have failed.

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