Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two Moving Posts

I want to excerpt and link to two moving posts. The first is from an Adventures staff member about her work in Swazi; the second is from my lovely wife about our trip into the city last night.

I Will Not Be Silent:
I dropped to my knees by her head, waved the flies away, and began to stroke her hand and her face. She struggled to move, and finally found enough strength so that she could reach and hold my hand. "She just wants to be touched," I thought. "She just wants to know the world hasn't forgotten about her... that God hasn't forgotten about her..."
Molli knelt at her feet, Faith crouched beside me, and Rusty knelt and put his hand on her back and began to pray. He prayed for God to comfort her, and for God to take her home to be with Him - away from her pain and suffering. I couldn't hold back the tears as he prayed for her... the injustice of it all was just too much.
WHY does she have to die like this? Just because she's in Africa? Doesn't she deserve better?! In America we would NEVER stand for this! GOD IT'S NOT FAIR!!!
I composed myself enough to pray over her, and then, in my heartbroken state, did a poor job of singing the only SiSwati song I knew over her. Moments later, still wiping away tears, we walked away...
-Ericka Bennett
On The Way To The Bridge:
There was a restaurant right there and we walked in. I told her what we were doing in town, and told her she was welcome. The Bridge offers dinner to everyone after the service is over, so I let her know she could get something else to eat later. I told her that The Bridge was for inmates, and people off the street. I let her know that she would not be judged by anyone...she would be welcomed. She said she couldn't come...she looked like a whore. I tried to convince her that that did not matter, but once she had her food she gave me a decisive no. She asked for my card. I made her promise to call me. Kevin wrote my number down for her, and she said she would. She said no one had ever done anything like that for her before. She told me that she knew I didn't have to help her so it meant a lot to her. I told her God let me know she needed something to eat. That was awkward. I hugged her really tight for a while...I didn't want to let her go. She pulled away and started walking in the opposite direction. Once we got turned around and back on the right street going in the right direction Kevin saw her talking to another man. I was so mad at that man for treating her like that...for looking at her in that way, for using her and continuing to make her feel as though she is worthless. She is worth so much more. She is worth EVERYTHING. The God of the Universe LOVES her. He hurts for her. I know He loves her. I know he hurts for her. I know because I love her and I hurt for her. I made it to the church, and then I ran into the bathroom and had a good cry. I cried for her. I cried for God.
-Christi Bowman
The Kingdom of God is breaking forth in the places desperate for hope. The Love of God is in the broken places. Have you been there to see it?

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