Sunday, July 27, 2008

Is The King To Blame?

Fear and Blame have been a part of the human experience from the first moments after the fall. Adam and Eve upon hearing the steps of God in the garden hide, then when asked the reason for their fear, Adam levies blame against his wife Eve. The first two recorded sentences in a fallen world are filled with fear and blame. Little has changed in the many millenia since that example. The disaster of chaos caused by a fallen world leaves people crippled by fear, and the willful blindness to personal responsibility leaves people looking for an external party to blame.

I am not surprised as I research the situation in Swaziland, that there are plenty of people faced with the terror of poverty and disease that is rampant in Swaziland who look to the king as the person to blame for the nation's situation.

In this video the king travels the world with a 17 year old girl who once pregnant will become his tenth wife. One begs the question looking at this girl who has transformed from destitute poverty to lavish couture in a mere five months, is his abundant polygamy to blame for the serial sexuality that has resulted in the world's highest AIDS rate? Today the King has 16 wives.

The King spent 45 million dollars on a private jet, while 66% of his citizen's are dying of malnutrition and preventable disease. Could these dollars have been put to programs capable of alleviating this suffering?

These are difficult questions which I am in no way qualified to answer. Yet there are people looking to find the answer to the question. Is the poverty and disease of Swaziland the result of an irresponsible king, or the personal decisions of his subjects? One media source looking to find the truth that would answer this question is Swazi Media. Edited by an Englishman, Richard Rooney, it reports the stories censored by a state controlled press which shed light to these answers.

No matter who is to blame, the situation in Swaziland is drastic. The volume of AIDS orphans is crippling to an already hopeless situation. The spiritual poverty and despair that results from the looming danger of starvation and AIDS in most Swazi lives leaves the kingdom helpless. It is hardly profitable to seek answers to question of responsibility. Instead, it is most urgent that those here in America use the great wealth we are blessed by God with to join him in his promises to the fatherless orphan. Only the manifest presence of the Kingdom of God can bring hope, healing, and rescue into the poverty, disease, and chaos that is the daily reality for Swazi's orphans.

The people of Swazi may ask is the king to blame? I am compelled to ask, are we?

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