Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So I had the conversation with my wife last weekend as we were passing the Apple Store in Woodfield Mall. Is Bono and Oprah's Red campaign really a sham that though grows out of good hearts does more damage to the cause than it does good. I am going to be honest about myself in this post as I analyze the problem I see.

Buy a $200 and $10 goes to HiV/AIDS relief in Africa. Buy a $60 T-shirt and $10 goes to HiV/AIDS relief in Africa. The contrast is I can buy a $50 MP3 player and sent $150 to Africa through a credible NGO. I can buy a $15 T-Shirt and send $45 to Africa through a credible NGO. Still the other contrast is (being honest) I am probably going to be shopping at Gap and Apple anyway!

This is where things get tricky for me. I am the person the products are marketed to, and if I am going to making these purchaes anyway, I should be buying (RED). The problem is why does a movement that is concerned about HiV/AIDS relief in Africa really want to continue to ENCOURAGE my consumerists lifestyle. The answer is a lack of LOVE!


Then I found (Red)emption and think it is a great idea! Can you participate with a $10 gift to Africa with no consumerist return?

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Thanks for the link, Kevin!