Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is It a Sin not to Vote? - Prison Fellowship

Years ago I was a HUGE fan of Chuck Colson but have honestly just lost touch with his organization and ministry in the last several years. Assuming he was deeply loyal to his republican roots, and my current disdain for all things Republican and Democrat, I didn't feel he had much to offer me.

A friend emailed this article to me and I read it just to confirm my view about Mr. Colson. I admit I was VERY WRONG! Mr. Coloson had a wonderful perspective and his aruments summary held a dead on accuracy.

"This is why Christians must never “fast” from politics. And it’s why Christians, of all citizens, ought to be lining up to vote on Tuesday. Do your civic duty because you’ll do your duty to God in the process.

And to abandon the battle on behalf of the sick and the suffering, the prisoner and the unborn: That would be a true sin."

No endorsements along party lines, no minimizations of the problems facing our nation and our world. The article is straight talk from a man who has sat at the highest echelons of the political power process. Thank you Chuck, I am sorry I missed out these past several years.

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