Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Fifth Column In The Illinois Governor's Race

Although no one will read this for days since Blogger sucks these days!.... I have seen several Christian's I like heartily recommending the Green Party candidate for governor here in IL. He certainly beats out either of the two major party offerings, but still does not bring a bang for the buck to the table. Additionally running in this race is the Constitution Party Candidate who actually thinks that in a time of a nation at war gay marriage and gambling are major issues. He appeals to a set of narrow minded ultra-right wingers who think America is the "Kingdom of God." and I can not support that even though he is only 100% Pro-Life Candidate in the race. (I will not be a one issue voter) Next there is the Libertarian Candidate who has little to say on the issues at all other than some typical regurgitated Libertarian ideology's. I am a supporter of the Libertarian party, but I still am not finding myself rallying behind Mr. McCoy since his presentation is half hearted an insincere.

Now I certainly don't agree with Mr. Whitney on MANY issues like education, healthcare, etc. But he has something going for him that the other two mentioned candidates do not have, he is actually ON THE BALLOT. To me this is enough of a reason to vote for him. I want to send a message to the Republicans and Democrats ans I don't think a write-in candidate can do that. So please forgive me for going green, but what's a boy to do?

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