Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Long Day For the People of Tylertown, MS

Tylertown, MS is a small town about 35 miles of the Gulf Coast. The 1800 people there have standing homes but no power, no water, and no sewer. The people are not even on the map for getting these services restored being they are so small and insignificant compared to the devastaion in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The people of this small town were schedule to run out of water of about midday today and food by leate evening.

Why you may ask do I know so much about Tylertown, MS. Well allow me to tell you the story.

I should begin by letting you know that I work for the most wonderful employer on the face of the earth. Yes, there are days I am as angry as anybody else at that no good boss of mine, but the reality of the matter, those days aside, is that he is a kind, giving Godly man who blesses everyone he comes in contact with.

This morning he comes into my office and says, "Joan and I have decided we need to get involved in the relief effort." So I get on the internet and begin my work. Healing Hands international is doing nothing. Manna International is doing nothing. Whites Ferry Road is doing something, but the info is very sketchy as to WHAT they are doing. I send an email and wait, but get no response from the Whites Ferry Road church.

While waiting the radio I am listening to says, if you can mobilize a truck, just brong water. Don't send cash, just bring water. So knowing we are a construction company I went to advise Justin, my boss, that we should fill a pickup with water and drive south.

As I come in he tells me that Darryl, one of our drivers, has family in Tylertown, MS. Their family has 20 people from throughout the area all under one roof with no food and little water. The generator is about out of fuel we are warned.

Over the next hour we are in contact with the Sherriff in Tylertown, the family and some others who can help distribute if we can get food and supplies to the people of this small town. I spent the rest of my day in one the most exhausting days I have ever had of work. I had to procure the supplies to fill 2 large trucks, A 26ft and a 14ft, to meet the needs of this town of 1000 people.

I purchased 140 cans of propane from Dicks Sporting Goods, they gave us 10% Off.
I purchased 50lbs of Dry Ice from the Schaumburg Dairy Queen, they threw in an extra 50 lbs.
I purchased $200 in Baby Food from Walmart. They did nothing kind at all, and were actually hard to work with, but whatever.
I purchased 720 Gallons of Bottled Water from Hinkley Springs at a great "Emergency Water" price.
I, along with Debbie from Costco in Bloomingdale, who had to be the most helpful person I worked with allday, assembled a many, many thousand dollar order of 10 pallets worth of toilitries, food, medicine, and baby items. Costco also gave an additional pallett of bottled water.

While I was procurring all the supplies, my boss picked up chainsaws, fuel tanks, and other needs for debris removal in town. We got a GREAT deal from the Penske dealer in Des Plaines on the 26ft truck.

Finally at about 9:00 tonight it had all come together and our 2 drivers were ready to hit the road.

I am so thankful to work for a man who would devote himself and 2 other employees entire day today. As well as devoting two employee drivers tommorow, to committ to meeting the basic needs of a small town. It has been a long hard day, but may God be honored through the sacrifice of this great man, and business I have the pleasure of working for.

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Niki said...

Great Post Kevin! You are fortunate to have a boss like that! You have such a giving heart and I'm glad you were able to help make an impact on all those lives in MS. New Orleans is getting the media coverage, but there are so many other towns that have great needs too.

I like your blog and I've added it to my blogroll.

Where is Kevin Lewis? There's no link to his name in your sidebar, and we lost touch several years ago. Please let me know.