Monday, August 08, 2005

Soul Lift Chicago

I spoke at a youth Rally this weekend and I wanted to upload my 3 outlines. The theme was convicted.

The first talk - The Hearing - dealt with the problem and result of sin. We discussed this on both a macro and personal level.

The Second talk - The Trial - dealt with personal need to not be comprimised in our lives. The conviction that sin is not a world wide problem, it is a personal problem that should convict us personally.

The Third talk - The Senetencing - dealt with the cost of sin on Jesus and our response to that cost. The conclusion to this talk was a great allegory by Ray Comfort which is on the bottom of the outline and is one of the best illustrations to motivate evangelism I have ever been able to use.

I think I will have some video clips to upload from one of the mother's camcorder.

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