Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rethink Church?

As I was Blog surfing tonight I cam across this post by Jeff Slater. I have included my comment on the post below...

It's a radical idea to sell the building and figure out how to serve our community with the X00,000 dollars we get.

The authentic change is what will pull in people. I see our church try and do such stupid things to attract young people. (I am a young people, and they are stupid) then I see them run them off by being annoyed that 20 somethings have needs like nursery care. These surface changes are fake, they are a fresh coat of paint on the same old tired walls.

I am ready to TEAR DOWN THE WALLS completely and not build new walls. Instead, I want to be in a community that comes together on Sunday to have worship and service, not a worship service.

So far, I have no luck bringing others to the place I am at. All in all I babbel to say, "Yes, you are right!!!"

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