Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Tribute To My Father

It is my father's burthday and I wanted to just make sure and state how PROUD I am to be his son. So if you would indulge me for a minute I wil tell you why.

Evangelism is not inviting your co-workers, and neighbors over to your house for a bible study with you and the minister. Evangelism is not tracks left on tables in a restruant instead of a tip. Evangelism is seldom eleoquent preaching and great oratory. No, I believe the key to effective evangelism is living a life hurting people want to live. I believe evangelism is living with joy about what Christ is doing in our life and our family personally. I believe evangelism is having compassion and love for the people we interact with in our life that is genuine and heartfelt. I believe evangelism is simply little more living life in a way that makes you an authentic Christ follower.

I have seen few people in my life who practice this form of evangelism like my father does. My dad simply chooses to love and therefore be concerned about, and therefore share the joys and pains, of everyone God puts in his path. I am so thankful to see the many people who have decided they want to find out more about relationship with Christ, because of the genuine positive impact they saw it had on my dad's life because of the positive impact he was having on their lives.

There is nothing on earth that could make me more proud to calling this type of person, Dad!

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