Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Large Cardboard Sheets

I never knew how difficult it might be to purchase large sheets of cardboard. So I hope through the power of Google I can save others from the past 1.5 hours I have spent searching for large pieces of cardboard.

Fulfillment Supplies - Lots of sizes from 24X24 to 48X72 - All for less than 1 cent a square foot.
American Paper & Supply Co. - 48X96 - No Price On their Site

I tried many keyword combinations
36X72 cardboard sheet
48x96 cardboard sheet
48x96" cardboard sheet
Cardboard 4x8
Cardboard Planks
Cardboard Sheets
cardboard frame
cardboard sheet
Framing Supplies

Anyone with additional sources please let me know. I will be buying these within a few days.

***EDIT 05-10-2006***
I found an additional site - Pack and Seal they carry the 4x8 sheets for about .8 cents a square foot. I still ordered the 4x6 sheets from Fulfillment Suplies at about .73 cents a square foot..
***END EDIT***

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