Sunday, June 05, 2005

My Daughter's First Democratic Handout

So I was at the Roselle Rose Festival Parade with my daughter and there was an absolutely PAINFUL 20 minutes of nothing but politicians one right after the other. This was most painful because the politicians were not handing out candy. Now why march in a parade if you are not going to hand out candy?
I live in Dupage county so that means the politicians were one republican right after the others. It was apparent that these were all the "get a job and buy your own candy you little pests,"type republicans since each entourage passed with no candy distribution. Then at the very back was 2 democrats, that's right 20 minutes of politicians and 2 were democrats. Low and behold THEY HAD CANDY!!!!!! My daughter was estatic, finally after this long droll of republican handshake and well wishes the democrats had arrived with the handouts. So I sent her into the fray, "Remember baby, just keep standing there, Democrats never tire of giving handouts!!!!"
It was a lovely lesson in Civics.

I should segue into why we need to eliminate both parties and let some real libertarians and federalists fight it out, but alas, it's Sunday evening, we have Bible study and you all have heard my soap box a thousand times before!!!

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