Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sending The Wrong Message

Pat Oliphant - Jan 5, 2005
Pat Oliphant - the liberal idiot that he is, misses the point of tragedy. It is not the role of the U.S. government to take fiscal responsibilty for every tragedy that occurs on earth. He argues in his usual idiotic fashion that we are out of line to send ONLY $350 million federal dollars. I say that our government is out of line to send even a $1 of aid that has been obtained through coersion. (All federal dollars earned through income taxes are obtained by coercion) It is not the responsibilty to ensure that the food, water, and medical needs of these tragically destroyed areas are attended to.

I do believe it is the responsibility of all Americans to give some from our PERSONAL WEALTH to help as we deem appropriate. We live in such comfort and convience and I hope that many Americans will WILLINGLY and FREELY give to those who have been displaced by this tragedy. I will not personally be giving to this tragedy since I have decided that the tragic slaughter and displacement of Christians in Dafur is a more neccesitated region of my support. This tragedy, which has resulted in nearly 1.8 million deaths is virtually ignored by the mainstream media, but it is at least if not more tragic than the loss of 150 Thousand spread over much of Asia.

No matter what your inclination. My summary to all Americans is I hope we can please give out of our freedom rather than out of political oppression.

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