Thursday, January 20, 2005

SAVE THE PLANET - Stop Volcanic Global Warming

People of earth. Global warming is a serious problem!!! We must STOP the eruption of volcanos, and methane leaks of the ocean in order to stop a second mass extinction on earth.
According to the best science we have today the answer is for every eco-idiot to hurl themselves into the earth's volcanos to serve as a drain plug thus preventing the dangerous emissions produced by these remnants of earth's archaic lack of respect for enviromental protection.
Please your part to stop these volcano's contribution to global warming, or the next 10 million years could become very dangerous to your existence.

Please do not confuse and eco-idiot with the genuine contribution to the improvement in air quality, and responsibile preservation of earth's resources by many wonderful enviromental scientist. We are charged by GOD to be stewards of this planet, and we are all thankful to those dedicated scientist who responsibily support enviromental conservativism

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