Friday, January 14, 2005

Day 4 - Thunderbird & Firefox

So I am on day 4 using Thunderbird and Firefox and I have a few more comments to add now that I am into it a little deeper. The score remains a 3.75, this is just a few more details for you to ponder.

1. Junk Mail Filter - As I have written about before, I was using Ella for Spam Controll to manage the wealth of Spam and News/Opinion posts I get daily. Ella is a 4 star program that EVERYONE still using Outlook should get themselves a copy of. I am still using it on my 1 Outlook account! But I digress. I was prepared to be a little disappointed with the junk mail features in Thunderbird, but their power would be crucial in deciding my long term commitment to stay with Thunderbird. After 4 days the Junk Mail is functioning at about 75% and Newsletters (which I set up using filters) is at 95%. This is not Ella by any means which was at 90% within the first 10 minutes on both Spam and Newletters, but it is definitely satisfactory. Ella was at 100% in all areas within a week, and so we have 3 more days to see if Thunderbird can catch up.

2. Intelligent Address Book - Every address I use it automatically added. That is a great little feature. What would be VERY COOL is if it could choose folders to look at and add all addresses in the FROM field of that folder.

3. Conquery - This little plugin could bring Mozilla up to a 4.25 by the extra 1/2 point they would recieve for a little app that allows to to query any word or phrase from any email against a list of 100s of selectable search engines including Google, A9, Biblegateway, Ebay, WebMD, Pricewatch, and FirstGov. That is a small listing of the 24 search engines I added to my computer.

4. Stupid Reply Feature - OK this is a soap box for me now, and the extra 1/2 point Conquery garnered this silly little bit of stupidity steals away. When you hit reply your default type locayion is BELOW the orginal message instead of ABOVE. THIS IS IDIOTIC!!! We all know what has already been said, the prvious text is merely a refrence a "footnote" and it should be in the footer of the message!

More to come...

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